Publications & Public Deliverables

General Publications

Scientific Publications

  • Publication “Lung transplantation for COVID-19-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome in a PCR-positive patient”
    by Lang et al. in “The Lancet” journal – solnatide was given to this patients according to Compassionate Use program for solnatide in Austria


Public Deliverables

The public deliverable D4.1 “GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate” (see WP4) is now available: D4.1 GMP

The public deliverable D3.2 “Patient screening & randomisation notification” (see WP3) will be available in project month M21 (Dec. 2021).
The public deliverable D5.4 “Report on the suitability of solnatide IMP for treatment of COVID-19” (see WP5) will be available in project month M21 (Dec. 2021)